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Max's Walk

Max's Walk has taken place every year since 2006. Please follow the links below to see some of the interesting streets, sights and buildings which we have encountered over the years

Follow these links for pictures of the walk in previous years:

Euston - City Hall   2015     2011   2007

City Hall - Barbican - Tate Modern       2018       2016      2012   2008  

Tate Modern - Lambeth Bridge - Trafalgar Square      2017         2013         2009

Trafalgar Square - British Museum - Euston       2014       2010    2006

The Silver Jubilee Walkway, as it was known then, was originally laid down in 1977 as the main feature of the work of the Environmental Committee, set up by the London Celebrations for The Queen's Silver Jubilee, under the Chairmanship of Max Nicholson. Her Majesty The Queen opened it by unveiling a plaque on the South Bank Lion, on the night of the Thames fireworks celebrations on 9 June 1977.

On 12 July 2006, a number of people who knew Max commemorated his involvement with the Jubilee Walkway by walking the Northern Loop of the walkway on what would have been his 102nd birthday. On 12 July 2007 a slightly larger number of people walked a further section between Russell Square and Tate Modern. On 12 July 2008, we walked from St Pauls, along the South Bank past City Hall, across Tower Bridge, and through the Barbican to return to St. Pauls. In 2009, we walked the last section from St Pauls, along the South Bank to Lambeth Bridge, and then back to Leicester Square.

Since then, we have followed the same pattern: in 2010 we walked from Trafalgar Square to the Euston Road, in 2011 from the Euston Road to City Hall near Tower Bridge, and in 2012 from City Hall to St. Pauls, by way of Bank and the Barbican. The walk in 2013 started at City Hall, go along the South Bank to Lambeth Bridge, and then through Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square. And we have followed the same pattern in scudding years.


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